Tuesday, November 29, 2016

FREE Christmas Devotional Booklet

I am so excited to share my latest project with my readers and homeschooling friends!

I have put together a FREE e-book of one of my favorite traditions that will be available DECEMBER 1st!!!
  • It's a Homeschool Christmas Devotional book for short and sweet, daily homeschool lessons during the holidays, 
  • OR a Devotional Booklet for any family that would like to implement family Christmas devotionals as part of their yuletide celebrations.

What are Homeschool Christmas devotionals?

Each year at Christmastime, I used to feel over-whelmed at the thought of continuing a full home-schooling schedule. 

But then, I found that if I combined an old family tradition of nightly Christmas devotionals with our daily "Table Time," I could still be consistent with covering some learning basics.

This idea also enables me to simplify our daily lessons, help my children build their testimonies of Jesus Christ, and allows us to enjoy the festivities and lovely feelings of this very special time of year.

The booklet will have SEVENTEEN devotionals that you can use between December 1st and December 23rd. That is enough devotionals for 5 days a week from the beginning of the month until Christmas Eve.

This new resource will come directly to the email boxes of those who subscribe to this blog. 

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How do the devotionals work?

There are several options for each day's devotional-- and the beauty is that each family can choose what to include in their own devotional, and what they don't need. But the options are there for them!
For our family, I like to include:
  • A scripture for copy-work (handwriting practice)
  • A Christmas carol to sing together
  • A beautiful piece of artwork to study and discuss or replicate
  • A short story or poem to read aloud
Another great thing to add is a chapter book that the family is reading aloud together throughout the season. (See the booklist of suggested Christmas read-aloud books at the back of this booklet for some ideas.)

I hope you will enjoy these devotionals as much as our family does.

Don't forget to subscribe to this blog in the right sidebar to get yours on December 1st!

Lots of love,
Mama Rachel

Monday, November 28, 2016

25 Days to Light the World

Can you imagine a world where millions of people are looking for ways to help and serve others in need?

Can you envision how it would feel to get involved in loving and assisting your fellow men in small, simple ways for just twenty-five days?

Can good people everywhere put the needs of others before their own for just one month?

Can God's children try their best to follow the example of His holy, perfect Son?

We CAN! And it's happening, beginning this December first.

The idea of this thrills me to me to my very core.

Millions of individuals will be making the world a better, more loving, more giving, more holy place in the Christmas season to come.

Will you join us???

You can #LighttheWorld , too.

With love and hope for a BRIGHT December,

Mama Rachel

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Strong and United Families

Even when we have struggles, when a child goes astray, or outside difficulties cause despair, we can still be united in love and kindness as a family. 

In fact, it is the LOVE we have for each other that carries us and brings us together as a powerful force for good.

If we daily repent, keep praying together, share the word of God with one another in order to keep the Holy Spirit in our home, and then love UNCONDITIONALLY, we can still have an STRONG, UNIFIED family!

Even though I have have a struggling son, he knows that we love him and that he is always welcome in our home. He continues to be an integral part of a family who needs him.

And that is making all the difference in the healing of our relationship.

Mama Rachel
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