Old-Fashioned Motherhood offers 
inspiration, encouragement, and products for mothers 
that will help them to better Love, Serve, and Teach their families.
Old-Fashioned Mothers...
  • Strive to grow closer to God and align our lives with His plan for us 
  • Find nobility and purpose in motherhood 
  • Protect and strengthen the marriage relationship 
  • Honor and respect our husband’s roles as protector and provider 
  • Treasure children as the greatest gifts this life has to offer 
  • Rejoice in virtuous femininity 
  • Value our calling as nurturers 
  • Love truth, learning, and homemaking 
  • Emulate dedicated mothers of the past and present 
  • Defend traditional womanhood, homes, marriage, and families 

About Me:

I'm Mama Rachel, and I am an LDS (Mormon) homeschooling mother of thirteen children, ranging in age from 23 down to 3 years old. I have always wanted a large family, but my definition of “large” has changed over time.

As you can probably tell, I am passionate about motherhood. In fact, I believe that motherhood is the greatest of all work a woman can do in this life! And I passionately feel that the future of the world lies firmly in the hands of mothers who catch the vision of the divine role they play as mothers, wives, and homemakers!

Why do I use the phrase “Old-Fashioned Motherhood”? 

I use this term because in my studies on the subject of motherhood, femininity, and homemaking, I have been astounded by the huge amounts of knowledge our fore-mothers had that has vanished from our modern world. However, I am encouraged and inspired by all the women and mothers out there who are a part of this growing movement.

Enlightened women everywhere are recognizing that there is power and influence in nurturing our families and serving them in our homes!

If I can help even one mother to realize how beautiful and wonderful the work of motherhood is, I will feel I am fulfilling my mission.

Even if that one mother is me.

I love my Savior, the Gospel, my life, my husband, my children, learning, homeschooling, motherhood, and making new friends! 

I pray we will inspire and help you to stand strong and proud in a world that has yet to acknowledge the vital contributions that happen every day, all over the world, in the HOME.

May God bless you in the greatest role of a lifetime-- your role as MOTHER.

Mama Rachel
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