Sunday, October 25, 2009

CHALLENGE: Spice up Your Marriage!

I read the following quote in a book about the Depression. It was originally published in "Woman's Own" magazine on October 15, 1932:

"Never let your husband see you in a grubby apron, a bedraggled dressing gown, or a shabby working frock-- many a happy marriage has been wrecked because some foolish wife kept her prettiest garments for visitors and wore 'any old thing' about the house."

This is an intriguing statement to me. I recognize that there are appropriate clothes for different occasions. For example, we should not paint in our nicest outfits! But it also makes me think about how more spark could enter my marriage if I greeted my husband in something other than yoga pants and a t-shirt.

I know my husband has told me that he likes seeing me in make-up and jewelry. Would it really be so hard for me to dress up just for him, more than I currently do? I think I can make a greater effort!

What about you? Could dressing up more often spice up your marriage?

I'd love to hear about your experiences! :-)


  1. Your post reminds me of the song "Wives and Lovers" by Jack Jones. When my husband and I get a chance to go out on a date (not very often due to his work schedule) I do my best to get gussied up like when we were dating. He still usually wears a t shirt and jeans but I feel better knowing that I put in a little effort for him. Especially now that I'm a SAHM and the hair is usually up in a pony tail and I'm in comfy clothes.

  2. I think it is important to put some effort into one's appearance. Yes, it is nice to receive compliments from my husband, but I also feel more confident about myself when I know that I am well dressed and well groomed. I don't think it is about having a perfect face or figure, it is about making the most of what we have and putting our best foot forward.
    I am really glad that you addressed this subject, Rachel. I think that oftentimes women mistake humility with not caring about their appearance as if looking good makes a person vain. Even President Kimball said that a barn looks better with some paint and he encouraged women to dress and conduct themselves in an attractive way.

    Anne (Az)

  3. I do try to look nice for my husband.

    However, even though I own a week's worth of aprons, my husband is going to see me in a dirty one! He works from home, so he often sees me when baking, etc. I wear an apron all day.

  4. Since reading your post about waring skirts more...I did...and it made an amazing impact on my husband...and other people as well....and then low and behold...I started putting on lipstick first thing in the morning....(every once in awhile at first)...well lets just say, it was good thing for my self esteem.....

  5. I find that I'm a lot more enterprising on the days when I make sure to get a shower (you know how hard that is with young children) and get dressed up with makeup and jewelry. It seems I get more accomplished and I don't look like a slob when my husband comes home. (At the very least, if you're dressed he assumes you actually did something around the house that day!)


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