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Scheduling in a "Relaxed" Home Culture

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This post was originally published at Latter-Day Homeshooling on August 5, 2011.  In order to better view the charts below, right click on the image and select "Open link in a new tab." 

PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to print all the charts below for your own personal, non-commercial use. :-)

I am not a "scheduler." In fact, I totally rebel against schedules-- even when I make them! I've continually looked to outside sources to "fix" me, including great programs like this. But I like to be spontaneous! I like to switch things around randomly. And I like to go with the flow of my children's interests, so I NEED more flexibility in my home.

One day, I decided to simply accept myself and my family as we are, and workwith my natural tendency to work on a relaxed, unstructured-- uh, structure. *grin*

Something I learned from the "Managers of their Homes" program, was to split up the hours of the day into three separate charts. So I sat down and made a list of the things that we need to do during each part of the day, and then I made a chart for each. This way, we have a goal for what needs to get done, but we are not restricted by my inaccurate time estimates.  

Morning is from rising to 11-ish, Midday is from around 11am to 5pm, and Evening is from 5pm to bedtime.

See the chart below to see what we work to accomplish in the Morning.:

And here's what we work on through Midday.:

Here's how our Evenings work. (Please note that each of the activities listed under "Inspiration Time" are not done EVERY night. They simply include the things that happen through the week.):

I am a believer that scheduling IS important. but I am also finding that if I want to truly succeed, I need to work with my personality, and make sure that our schedule is working with our family rhythms, and not against them.


  1. I'm totally with you on this one. I actually like schedules and lists, etc, but I have realized over the years that the "time" type schedules (especially with children) are ridiculous and only make me more frustrated. The "goals" type "schedules" work more effectively for us as well - for instance, we do our chores in the morning, before we go out and do anything else. But sometimes chores happen before breakfast, sometimes they happen after breakfast. Sometimes some of the chores wait until the afternoon because we have an appointment in the morning (I like doing my errands in the morning). Anyway, I love your little graphics, and you have inspired me. I have been thinking about doing something like that for a while. This is great. Thanks!

  2. I think when raising childern I was much like you. The kind of go with the flow kind of person, too. I liked your daily goals. I will need to send this link to my children.

  3. I'm not an exact scheduler either. I saw your charts when I was at your house and thought that the pictures for the little ones and written for the older ones is very creative. :-)

    We have similar "time slots" for our family that we call Morning Hours, Education Hours, Free Time Hours, and Evening/Family Hours. I've listed (my kids are older) the types of activities that happen during those times. Now that we will be having "littles" again, I probably need to go a more visual route.

  4. I love this and I hope you don't mind if I nab it and adapt it for my own family!

  5. Go for it, Raisin! :-D

    Thank you ladies, for commiserating with me. :-) I always appreciate your insightful comments!


  6. Love it!!! I happen to be a scheduler, simply because if I don't schedule things I am too lazy! However, I really like your set up. I always struggle with where to put in bath/shower time for my kids. If we do it in the morning there's not enough time according to MY schedule. If we do it in the evenings, it gets skipped a lot due to outside activities. Maybe I should push school back a bit so baths can be in the morning......hmmmm

  7. I think I remember this post! I like the graphics that attend each item. This is how our schedule seems to be shaping up naturally, since I started to spend more time at home rather than running here and there. I like how you pointed out balancing the schedule, making sure it works with our natural rhythms and not against them. That's key for us, too.


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