Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today is the first day of my church's semi-annual General Conference. I am so grateful that my church leaders stand up and speak for the importance of families and children!!!

As an example, here's a picture showing a quote from one of the talks we heard this afternoon:

Tomorrow I will post a link to where you can listen to his wonderful talk in its entirety.

"Children are an heritage of the Lord."



  1. I'm still waiting for a direct link to Elder Dallin H. Oaks talk on children from the Saturday afternoon Session. I'll get it up as soon as it's available! :-)

  2. I loved this quote. Conference was so inspiring this time. Actually it always is inspiring; but I felt more emotional about it all. I love it when I can start to study the talks. I have one talk left from the April conference. Now I can start on the October conference. I just barely started doing this, this year.

  3. I really like this particular post here although I would like to see the link to listen the entire message. I love the quote because it holds the importance of children to the society, that is why each of us should give them the right importance especially to those babies who are not yet born. This quote also reminded me that any parents or couple should be responsible enough and you have no reason to doubt it.

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