Thursday, January 3, 2013

War and Peace in 2013

(Image source unknown)

As I scurry about this week, tweaking homeschool plans, cleaning up after Christmas, decluttering in honor of a new year, and revamping our family's chore assignments, I'm coming to realize that what I really want and need most in my home is PEACE.

Today I found an article and a video that are helping me keep my ambitions in the correct light. I know both of these ladies personally, and their work blesses my life continually. 

Here's the first, an article written by my friend and great parenting coach, Nicholeen Peck: 

And here is a short, though inspiring, video by my friend, Mary Ann Johnson:

I hope these two resources bless your lives as they are blessing mine!

Happy New Year, fellow mothers!!!



  1. Happy New Year to you! I always like the feel of a New Year. You always have good thoughts.

  2. I've been thinking about these same things. It is nice to know others are too.

    It seems like as life takes it's turns and we all have ups and downs, there are key principles to living a "successful life" in the way Heavenly Father intends us to live.

    If we truly view ourselves through His eyes, I think we would love ourselves more, be more patient with our shortcomings, and find joy in more of the normal challenges in our lives.


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