Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm embarassed...

I did it again! I set my expectations of myself and what I "should' be doing up too high, and then crashed with guilt. *sigh!* One of these day, I will learn!

So I'm taking a new look at myself, and I've decided to just add ONE thing at a time.

This week, I have decided to try and serve meals at the same time each day. Yesterday, I already got "off track," but I woke up this morning determined to do better. So far, I've been pretty on-task, and even now, at 2PM, I know what's for dinner tonight!!! (This is BIG, for me...)

We mothers always think we can handle more than is realistic. BUT I can be proud of what I have done today, and every day. So here's my "Ta-Da" list for today:
  • I got up before 7AM!
  • I got dressed and even put in earrings!
  • I said my morning prayer!
  • I checked my calendar in my planner, and made a "to Do" list for the day WITHOUT making it too long!
  • I called someone when prompted by the Spirit. (I still have no idea why I needed to call, but I did it!)
  • I made whole wheat pancakes for breakfast.
  • We had homeschool!
  • Numerous diapers have been changed. (Two left in diapers...)
  • I delegated lunch preparation to one of my children. (Okay, we're about to eat now at 2PM, but we are EATING!)
  • I have checked my e-mail.
  • I've now blogged for the week!
One of my favorite sayings goes like this:  "We CAN eat an elephant-- ONE BITE AT A TIME!" We can REALLY do this!!!

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