Friday, October 5, 2007

Returning Our Hearts to the Home

As Women of Faith, do we stand out from the world?

This question has lately been plaguing me. Do we act, speak, look, or dress differently than others? Do our words and acts reveal us as followers of Jesus Christ? Do we educate ourselves and our children any differently? How about the clothes that we wear, the music that we listen to? Can we honestly say that our behaviors and choices as feminine women help us stand out from the crowd?

Are we “elect ladies” and “handmaidens of the Lord?”

There is a movement growing among women. At the moment, it is small, and hidden from the eyes of the world. But it exists, and it's gaining strength and momentum. This “change” is actually a return to the principles and standards of our fore-mothers. Many women are again finding joy in their children, their marriages, and in their homemaking efforts.

It's a call to “return our hearts to the home.”

Here are some questions I have begun to ask myself:
~Am I putting the Lord first in my life?
  • Do I pray on my knees every morning and evening?
  • Do I study the scriptures daily?
  • Do I serve others, and set an example of charity and love?
  • Do I try to be like the Savior?
~Am I rejoicing in my posterity?
  • Do I let my children know how grateful I am to be home with them by my words, actions and attitude?
  • Do I teach my children about God's special plans for their lives?
  • Do I work with my daughters, teaching them the skills they will need to know to be successful homemakers and mothers?
  • Do I encourage my sons to look to their father as their ideal role-model, always speaking of him in complimentary terms?
  • Do I speak in kind, loving, encouraging tones?
  • Do I remember that my children are a sacred stewardship given to me by the Lord?
~Am I a true help-meet to my husband?
  • Do I daily create a haven of love and peace away from the world for my husband?
  • Do I regularly let him know I appreciate his efforts to work and support our family?
  • Do I show him affection in the ways that he needs and appreciates?
  • Do I let him see me at my best, and not always at my worst?
  • Do I cook meals that he likes, and keep the pantry and refrigerator well-stocked?
  • Do I do my best to be frugal and careful with the hard-earned money he provides for our family?
~Am I finding joy and satisfaction in my chosen vocation of homemaker-mother?
  • Do I keep a regular daily schedule, so that my family can have order and structure to their lives?
  • Do I take care of tasks immediately, rather than putting them off until “later?” (WHEN is “later,” by the way?!)
  • Do I plan,cook, and serve meals at a consistent time and place each day?
  • Do I resist the temptation to socialize with my friends online, or on the phone?
  • Do I put the needs of my family and home before my own?
  • Am I setting a good example of hard work and dependability for my children?
  • Do I rise before my children, preparing myself and my home for the day?
  • Do I have systems in place to help me control and rid myself of clutter?
Today, as I ask myself these questions, I see that I still have many things I can improve upon!

So here are my 10 goals for this weekend, and through next week:
  1. Make and serve all meals on time.
  2. Clean off my desk and file all important documents, bills, recipes, etc.
  3. Re-make my children's chore chart, and then follow through with chore requirements
  4. Kiss my husband every morning and evening
  5. Spend less time socializing online
  6. Get up before my children, even if I don't get much done, yet. I can at least start breakfast and plan the meals for the day
  7. Pray every morning and evening-- on my knees-- and ask the Lord for His help in doing a better job as homemaker and in speaking more kindly to my children
  8. Go through my closet and get rid of the clothes that I feel unattractive in
  9. Cut out some cute skirts for myself to wear
  10. De-junk my closet and nightstand
Will you join me in making some self-improvement goals of your own?
We can do this!!!

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