Friday, September 5, 2008

Something Positive!

I hope I haven't been too negative here lately. Sometimes, it's easy to get bogged down in in this day and age, but I thought I'd cheer things up around here a bit, and let anyone who visits here know that life and motherhood can be sweet and full of joy!

Last night, a great lady I admire shared a quote with me from Stephen R. Covey's book "First Things First." It has helped remind me why I became a mother in the first place, and gave me the courage to move onward and upward, while finding joy in the little things-- or little ones-- in my life.

To set the scene, Mr. Covey said this to his daughter who had just become a new mother and was feeling overwhelmed: "Just relax. Relax and enjoy the nature of this new experience. Let this infant feel your joy in the role of mother. No one else can love and nurture that child the way you can. All other interests pale in comparison for now.." And then he added this comment: " the short run, her life was going to be imbalanced... and that it should be."

I'm so thankful to be a mother, even on those days that make me wonder what on earth I was thinking! LOL! We can do this, fellow mommies, if we only look for help from our Maker.

The babies will grow, and will someday be gone. But the lessons we are learning now about motherhood and charity will stay with us always. So kiss those little peanut-butter smeared faces, and snuggle those wiggly little bodies. This too shall pass, and we'll be so grateful that we were a part of it all.

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