Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Thoughts on Motherhood

Lovely Shower Gifts from Generous Friends

I am due with Baby #10 tomorrow. 

(As if any baby gave a hoot and a half about when their "due date" might be...)*sigh*

I am excited, nervous, tired... all of those 9-month-pregnant-lady things. I am also so excited to NOT be pregnant, that I am willing to go through labor and delivery.Shouldn't that count for something? (Okay, body, get to work! *wink*)

I am feeling that my baby-bearing days are over, and that makes me sad and relieved all at the same time. I realize that I am no Michelle Duggar (LOVE her, by the way) and that the Lord is not going to require me to run faster than I have strength. My older kids are needing more mothering and mentoring from me. And it does feel like our family is pretty complete.

I want to follow the Lord's plan for me and my family. And I love babies and have relatively easy pregnancies. But I am beginning to feel my age, and I can see that the needs of my big kids are falling by the wayside, at times, because babies require so much of this mother's time and focus.How does one gracefully give up the baby years and move forward with mothering?In a way, the potential for change in my life scares me. I am now an EXPERT on birthing, nursing, changing, training, and mothering babies. (ha!) I've been doing it constantly for almost 15 years! Can I also be successful at guiding my youth into adulthood? Can I really be able to help them face life? Then again, if I don't do it, who will...?

I guess motherhood is not just about having babies. All children need a loving mother throughout their lives. It is humbling to know that these ten people are not only here because of me, but that they will continue to grow and learn and make decisions based on what they are taught by me-- in both my words and my example. Of course, I've always known this, but now I feel that I'm awakening to the reality of my future mothering life. One without new babies in it to fill my time, and garner most of my attention.

It almost feels like starting over. With my first baby, I was 19, enjoying life as a newly-wed and college student. And then the babies just kept coming, and suddenly, I'm in my thirties and wondering how the time has gone by so fast.

Something I know for sure: children are a gift from God-- each and every one. And I feel humbled and grateful that the Lord has entrusted me with so many of his wonderful children.

I am anxious to meet our sweet baby #10. She is really going to be loved.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

United for Freedom and Family...

This is not a "political" blog-- I do not consider preserving marriage to be a political issue.

The harassment inflicted upon peaceful, family-loving citizens is speaking for itself. The protesters assembling in anger across the United States do not love freedom, are not thinking generationally, and are willing to strip the freedoms of religion (a first amendment right, which inspired the very colonization of this continent) and democracy from the good, voting people of this country.

No, we should not stoop to their level and attack with venom and hate. But we should be free to let our voices be heard and validated by our votes, especially when the vote sounded a clear and direct message FOR traditional marriage in not only California, but in multiple states across our great nation.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Victories for Traditional Marriage!!!

I am so very VERY grateful that the people of Arizona, California, and Florida chose to protect and honor traditional marriage in their states. I am rejoicing for these results today!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Standing for Truth and Righteousness

I will be voting today, and keeping a prayerful vigil that the Marriage Propositions in California, Arizona, and Florida all pass.

Please, wherever you live, get out there today and VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

How the Media Effects Youth

 A recent article on CNN.com comes as no surprise-- at least not to me! The article (linked below), titled "Study links sexual content on TV to teen pregnancy" said:

"Researchers... found that adolescents with a high level of exposure to television shows with sexual content are twice as likely to get pregnant or impregnate someone as those who saw fewer programs of this kind over a period of three years."

Young people are being morally attacked on all sides. Television shows, movies, and social networking sites like "MySpace" and "Facebook" portray lewd behavior and loose morals as "normal," "desirable," and "no big deal." How much heartache and regret could be spared if only we encourage our youth to abandon the world's ideals, and look inside themselves for their God-given talents and gifts?Some hard questions I've been asking myself include:
  • Do our youth spend so much time being "busy" with extra curricular activities, that they have no personal, quiet time to commune with God, and ponder on their personal beliefs and testimonies?
  • Do we allow things in our home that teach our children ideas that are contrary to what my husband and I have taught them?
  • Are we letting the morals of the world creep little by little into our home and family culture?
  • What can we eliminate TODAY that will allow more peace, harmony, and light to fill our home?
I've come to the conclusion that most movies, even if they're "fun" or "cute" or "funny", do not need to be seen by our family. Our Youth will still have lots of interesting things to talk about, even if they're not "caught up" on the latest television programs. My children do not need to be active on social networking sites in order to have friends. And each child only participates in activities away from our home and hearth that will lift them and bring them closer to God and the fulfillment of their life's missions. They do not require all kinds of lessons and activities in order to become "well-rounded" or educated.

Our children will not be deprived if we close our doors on the world. In fact, we will be doing our families a huge favor if we "abandon our cottages in Babylon" and turn our backs on the "Great and Spacious Building."

With the Lord's help we can do it-- and the futures of our children will be even brighter.
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