Monday, August 1, 2016

Establishing Routines

The Harvester by Bouguereau

For almost a month now, I have been taking a wonderful course online with my good friend and mentor, Becky Edwards of the Purpose Driven Motherhood blog.

As homemakers and mothers, we all know that we need to establish morning and evening routines, but summertime has really done a number on our family and my personal routines this year, as we all have slept in too much and let our schedules fall by the wayside.

So, while I know I should have routines I follow, I had forgotten WHY I should have routines until Becky's class reminded me.

Just as we need to plug in our mobile devices each evening to charge them for the following day, we also need to "power up" each morning and night in order to function at our best!

I now have a checklist of five things that I do each morning and night that sits on my nightstand, ready for me to mark as I complete each task. I have let go of the need to do them in exact order-- which helps me feel more in control-- but they ALL get done most of the time.

This powerful "Why" has been a blessing to my spirituality, to my relationships with my husband and children, and it has helped me prepare better for this school year than I have in quite a long time. My house is cleaner, and we feel more calm and happy.

All because of five little things I do as I rise and and five more as I retire each day.
Here are my own examples:


  • Pray on my knees
  • Make my bed
  • Drink water
  • Study my scriptures (while sitting outside, if possible)
  • Get dressed and ready for the day


  • BREATHE (I spend about 5 minutes doing some deep breathing.)
  • Pray on my knees
  • Brush my teeth
  • Spend time with my husband
  • Journal and/or ponder

Everyone's routines may look different, and that's the beauty of creating them for ourselves! We each know what we need, and if we're not sure where to start, we can counsel with the Lord about what to focus on.

I challenge my readers to start and end each day with a written routine of the little things that can make or break a mother's day. 

I'd love to hear how establishing and following routines blesses your life, so please comment and share!

Lots of love,
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