Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas is not just a day... it's an attitude!

I admit it-- I LOVE Christmas!

This year, out of necessity, we will be making many of our presents. I kind of feel like this is the Lord's way of saying "It's time to teach your children the joy of GIVING."

In the past we have helped our kids buy things for one another-- and yet I was puzzled as to why they just never would "get" the giving part of Christmas. Well, now I realize that they weren't giving-- they were just passing along what we'd given them!*bonk* I think I'm getting a "clue-by-four."

This year, I hope to teach my children what giving is all about-- and not just on the 25th of December.

Here's a link to a GREAT article I enjoyed this morning: Christmas All Month Long. I'll be adjusting it to fit our family's schedule, but I was so inspired by all the ideas!It's going to be a GREAT Christmas-tide. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pa says, "It's all about the FOOD, y'all!"

Ahhhh... Thanksgiving is this week! I love eating waaaay more than is good for a person. And I have the hips to show for it...

Thanksgiving is my Southern Daddy's (known to his grandbabies as "Pa") favorite holiday because:
1) The entire holiday revolves around eating.
2) No gifts to give.
3) PECAN PIE-- You can't get more explicit than that!
4) No people to entertain-- ya just feed 'em.
5) FOOD!!!
6) Pies and FOOD!
7) Napping in front of the football game. 
 As for us, two states away from all the grand-folks, we're looking forward to Thanksgiving, too. (We're not "football people," however. *yawn*) Luckily for me, my adorable husband is a wonderful cook, and he really loves to take over Thanksgiving. I am usually inclined to let him!

This year, our menu will be simple:
  • Turkey (of course)
  • Mashed Taters (lots of butter, garlic, some sour cream, salt)
  • Turkey Gravy
  • Bread Stuffing (some years we make the corn bread variety-- my favorite!)
  • Baked Yams (I prefer sweet potatoes, but guess which were on sale?)
  • Homemade Rolls by yours truly (My Grandma's excellent Butterflake Rolls)
  • Honey Almond Butter to spread on the rolls.
  • Pies: 2 pumpkin, 1 key lime, 1 apple
For me, Thanksgiving is the kick-off to the happiest time of year! I love it! See y'all later...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Purging Time!

November is a month for purging! No, I'm not bulimic, I'm fed up with too much STUFF!!!

I woke up this morning to the realization that I have no room for any other blessings God may want to send me, because my home-- and life-- are stuffed to over-flowing. You know what I'm talking about, sisters; papers, old toys no one plays with, clothes you hate or that are too small/out-of-fashion/etc., books you don't and won't read but can't bear to part with them, cookbooks you never use, three sizes of spatulas, broken old Christmas ornaments, cracked plates, bent silverware, extra activities that make everyone stressed and life more complicated...Need I go on?!

Today is the day, my Sister-Homemakers, to banish the clutter. Actually, the rest of this month will be dedicated to de-cluttering our homes to make room for some wonderful new blessings.

When your kids whine about this-- and you know they will (Mine will, anyway!)-- remind them that they have to make room for the gifts they're begging for. I also like to remind them that there are lots of kids who won't be getting much for Christmas this year, and that they can bless the lives of poor children by being generous. (The "Guilt-Gun" is an in-born talent of mothers for a reason, ya know!)

So... post your totals (bags, boxes, whatever) in a comment to this post, and we'll see how much room we can make for Christmas Blessings this year. I can't wait to see all the good you will accomplish!On your mark...Get set...GO!!!!!!
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