Friday, May 22, 2009

One Audacious Opinion on "Dress"-ing Up

I've been thinking about this once again (she said, as she sits writing in her t-shirt and jeans), and pondering about how much better I feel about myself when I "dress up." When I say "dress up," I'm not talking about Sunday-ready, night-on-the-town "dressed up", but rather how different I feel about myself and my family when I try to look nice at home.

Even though I'm dressed down today, I usually prefer skirts to pants. I mean, let's face it, those of us with extra padding 'round the rear look better when we have a skirt draping over our backsides rather than stuffing ourselves into pants. And since I live in a place that can get quite hot, skirts or dresses help in the air-conditioning department, too. One other benefit I've noticed is that I behave differently when I wear a skirt and a nice blouse. Frankly, I feel more like a mother, wife, and woman.

Now, I recognize that many-- if not most-- women prefer a snug pair of jeans to a skirt or dress, but consider for one moment the women of ages past. What do you think about the dressed-up women in the old paintings and photos you see? Do you ever wonder if the behavior of women in today's modern world would change if women dressed up and covered up?

For a few years, as a teen and then after our wedding, my husband participated in a medieval re-creation society. And something he said about his experiences there has stuck with me over the years. He told me about how most of the women that participated in the society were pretty overweight, but that he hadn't noticed that fact until he attended some events where the female participants did not dress in the usual medieval garb, but wore pants instead. In fact, he was shocked at how differently the women acted, and how differently the men treated them. In other words, chivalry happened more readily and easily when women dressed more femininely.

In recent years, I've also come upon the thought from various sources that skirts or dresses actually help women look more modest. Where do men look when a woman saunters around in tight pants? Why have women in the Western world-- for nearly a millenia!-- worn skirts or dresses? Modesty. Femininity. Not to mention that we women often feel more lovely when we dress the part of a "lady." I know I feel more attractive and beautiful when I'm dressed like a girl! What little girl hasn't dreamt of that elegant white dress in her hoped-for future? Why do formal dances still happen, and why do MOST of the girls that attend them come in princess-like ballgowns? Because we're FEMALE, that's why! :-D

I know I have made some audacious statements here, and am likely to continue to do so in the future, but consider for ONE MOMENT how the world could change if we just "dressed-up" a little bit more? I'd like to challenge my readers to examine your closets, and consider throwing out some grubbies and/or yoga pants, and then adding a skirt or two to your wardrobe. I really don't think you'll regret it.

Excuse me while I change out of my work clothes, and make myself look more like a lady for my hubby tonight! ;-)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Parental Rights in Jeopardy

This is an issue we here at Old-Fashioned Motherhood will keep on our radar. Parents have a God-given duty to raise their children as He would have them raised-- not as the government might dictate!

Contact your congressmen to co-sponsor the Parental Rights Amendment today! See for more information. You can also sign the petition for Parental Rights there, as well.
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