Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Corporate Individualism VS. Families

The battle lines are being drawn...

The subject line of this post is a phrase I'm borrowing from a man I greatly admire: Dr. Oliver DeMille, the President of George Wythe College. He feels that society will soon take sides.

I can see this happening more and more in our culture today. We have become a selfish, hedonistic society-- WHY? Building families, welcoming children, creating a society and a world for the future generations; THAT is the work we should all put at the top of our priorities! What good will our environmental efforts bring if no one will be there to enjoy them? What good will climbing the corporate ladder do to improve our home life? Both sides of the political fence have it wrong. One side seeks only to legislate and force environmental and politically correct concerns-- the other only seeks to protect the business world and give lip-service to moral issues.

Where does the family stand? Do those of us who value children, God, and leaving this earth better than we found it stand alone?

WE MUST STAND TOGETHER. We must build our families without embarrassment, responding in unapologetic and positive ways when people rudely comment on our children or the size of our families. We must support and help one another with encouragement and love.

We must put our families FIRST, above work, above social expectations, above politics.We have a great work to do, but we CAN do it!

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