Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where do we stand?

So did you do an evaluation? Is there room for improvement in your food storage? I know there is in mine!

This weekend, I cleaned out my pantry and-- after a trip to the store-- organized our dry goods. I found that I was storing too many non-food items in the pantry (like canning jars and grocery sacks). So I had to make room for the actual food! (duh...) But it's okay, we're learning, right? We're making progress and that's good!

In my last post, I got a comment from a great lady named Hannah who has an AMAZING preparedness blog at  They are doing what I was starting to do in a much more organized manner. I highly suggest you check it out! They give clear, step by step instructions on how to get prepared for whatever is on the horizon in these troubled times. They have a multitude of recipes, and free printable lists.

And now, some suggestions from Sister Wendy DeWitt's booklet on food storage, for adding on to the LDS Church's One Month Food Storage Kit ( link here) :  

If I were to begin adding items to the one month kits they would be:
1) Sugar, Dry Milk, Salt, and Macaroni
2) Yeast and a wheat grinder
3) Basic pantry items: baking powder, unflavored gelatin (mixed with water this is an egg substitute in baked items!!!) dried onions, cocoa, vinegar, vanilla and spices (garlic powder, chili powder, oregano, crushed red peppers, seasoning salt, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper) Now the flour can be used to make things like wheat and oatmeal muffins, cinnamon bread, spice and chocolate cakes, and rice pudding.
4) Bottled meats
5) Dehydrated  or canned fruits and vegetables
6) Soup bases (like boullion)
7) And don't forget the WATER!!!
Happy preparing!

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