Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank you...

I know that it's Monday, and so I usually blog about marriage today, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to those of you who glean something-- even a very little something-- from the Old Fashioned Motherhood blog.

I've been blogging on this subject since 2005, (formerly hosted on Wordpress), and though I am not a great writer, or have anything truly earth-shattering to say, I do feel passionately about getting myself-- and in the process, helping other women-- back to our roots as feminine women and nurturing mothers.

In my mind's eye, I see us all sitting in a parlor or standing out on our front porches, talking, laughing, and crying about the challenges and joys of motherhood and homemaking. I picture us exchanging recipes and bouncing babes in arms. I imagine us all hugging the friend who has had a bad day, or encouraging the young, busy mom who feels overwhelmed by the demands of caring for little ones. I hear us gushing over someone's new apron or haircut.

Old Fashioned Motherhood not only means lifting up and caring for those in our own homes and families, it also means loving and strengthening each other as women. I love you all! Thanks so much for walking on this journey with me! :-)



  1. We love your blog! I learn so much! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life raising 10 (soon to be 11) children to write about motherhood.

  2. I love you too and deeply admire you.

  3. I just found your blog through your post on LDS Homeschooling.
    I really, really love your goal to be a good woman. I really appreciate the things you're saying here.

  4. Rachel,
    I just came to your blog from LDS Homeschooling, and love what I see! Congratulations on your new baby daughter, hooray! A wonderful blog!

  5. I adore your blog. I've been lurking on it since about 2006. Thank you for keeping up with it even though you're a busy mama! I'm always inspired by your posts. Even though I never comment. :)


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