Friday, December 11, 2015

Grocery Shopping Tips

This video has some excellent grocery shopping tips. Enjoy!



  1. Fun video! The only thing I would say is that shopping the perimeter fails to get you down the aisles of baking staples, pasta, and such. Besides, on all the endcaps of the aisles are temptations galore, so I drilled into our children the two rules of shopping: Stay by Mom (close enough to touch her) and No whining or begging. We recited those rules at home, in the car and as we shopped. I took all five with me until our oldest (the girl) was old enough to stay home with younger siblings. It was an "adventure" to say the least, but we made it and they are all grown now and capable adults.

  2. I always love the videos you share; thanks! Hugs~


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