Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Miracle

Today I felt so privileged to accompany the little children in my church's class for kids. (We call it Primary.) They sang a song during singing time that really touched my heart and inspired my soul.

I was just a substitute pianist, so the song was not very familiar to me, but as the kids sang through it this afternoon, I could hardly see my music through my tears, because of how powerfully the message was speaking to my heart.

I hope you enjoy this gorgeous music and it's uplifting message on this, #HisDay .



  1. Loved the song. Glad I'm not primary piano player. Sounded difficult. Are those your primary kids? I mean the ward kids.

  2. I agree-- isn't it so beautiful?

    Those are NOT our Primary kids in the video, but the kids singing yesterday sounded almost as good! ;-)

    The video was put together by the composer and she used the One Voice Children's Choir from Utah to record the song. (They are so good!)

    Have a great day! ♥


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