Saturday, November 12, 2016

Strong and United Families

Even when we have struggles, when a child goes astray, or outside difficulties cause despair, we can still be united in love and kindness as a family. 

In fact, it is the LOVE we have for each other that carries us and brings us together as a powerful force for good.

If we daily repent, keep praying together, share the word of God with one another in order to keep the Holy Spirit in our home, and then love UNCONDITIONALLY, we can still have an STRONG, UNIFIED family!

Even though I have have a struggling son, he knows that we love him and that he is always welcome in our home. He continues to be an integral part of a family who needs him.

And that is making all the difference in the healing of our relationship.

Mama Rachel

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  1. I love these thoughts. Being unified and having love in a family is so important into days world. Within our own family we have some pretty big concerns and difference but we still respect and love one another. You are such a great example of motherhood;. Keep up the good works~ Hugs!


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