Friday, March 28, 2008

We Believe in Babies!

 Today, my kids (all nine of them) and I sat in front of the computer to watch home birth videos on You Tube. We were all smiling and talking, and my kids had to ask me why I was crying now and then. For a moment, time stood still, and I felt a rush of joy; my children value babies! 

This was a wonderful epiphany for me. It made me realize that the attitude of welcoming children in our home has been passed on by my husband and I. We have not sat our children down and told them that they should all have big families, or given lectures on birth control. What we have done, is joyfully look forward to the birth of every child, with excitement and eagerness. We have asked their opinions on baby names, have been very open about the birthing process, and even invited our 13 year old daughter to our last birth. (All the other kids burst in right after the baby was placed in my arms!)

Today's society seems to only value children in a "controlled" environment. As long as they're perfectly clean, perfectly quiet, and perfectly angelic, they are worth having around. And they are only valued in small amounts.

Whenever I go anywhere with all my kids, I can hear the collective breath intake as we enter the room. But because my older ones help with the little ones, and because of practiced patience, they are usually the best behaved children in any establishment. It is my opinion that children of big families learn to not be so demanding of their parents attention-- they have to learn to wait their turns for just about everything. They learn that their brothers and sisters care about them, and they can create close relationships.

Now, I want to state plainly that I realize God has a different plan for every family. Not all families should be the same size! What I am saying, is that children are worth cherishing-- that babies are a blessing, and that children pick up our attitudes regarding bringing new spirits into the world.

For us, I am so thankful that we have a "quiver-full." And I am so grateful that my children know that we love and welcome each and every one.

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