Monday, August 4, 2008

Why Men Don't Court Women Anymore

I read this article on another blog, and loved how the author clarified my same thoughts on this issue.

Ladies, do we allow our husbands to "court" us? Do we treat them as MEN, the heads of our family, or do we follow the trends of society at large, and leave our husbands feeling useless? Do we expect them to step in and take over our work, without letting them be our knights in shining armor?

Men want to provide for their families. They want to protect us, and they want us to let them be who God designed them to be. We can show our love and appreciation for all they do by creating a haven for them at the end of a long day of "fighting dragons" for us and our children.

And here is another article about the way society, especially the media, continues to emasculate the men in our lives by portraying them as weak-minded, crass, and unneeded.

What are we teaching our sons and daughters about the roles of husband and father? Something to ponder today.

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