Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Defense of Large Families

I really appreciated everything this mom-of-many had to say in defense of those of us with large families:

"Are We There Yet?" Blog

Here's an excerpt:
I could write a book about how large families are no more strain on the environment than any other group of ten or twelve people; we are in fact less strain on the planet because we share space and resources as a unit and are forced by monetary constraints to be frugal. I could also talk your ear off about how the only environment that really requires our attention is the moral environment and that all other responsibilites flow from its health and well-being. Then I could go on and on about how my ten children are not deprived but enriched because they're not spoiled by material possessions; they learn to share with their many brothers and sisters for the happiness of all. And, I could recite all of this to you fairly dispassionately.

But the one accusation that gets my hackles up is that the child of a large family must necessarily be neglected -- as their parents could not possibly "do it all." POPPYCOCK! Anyone who thinks this knows not of what they speak. They are sadly ignorant.

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