Saturday, February 11, 2012

Faith is a Verb

Have you heard the saying "Love is a verb?"

Well, today I can tell you from personal experience that FAITH is a verb, too.

Without going into too much detail, yesterday I was given the choice between  fear and despair, or faith and hope. It was quite difficult to trust in what I could not see and move forward with peace and comfort. But as I kept praying and saying "faith is a verb" to myself, the miraculous happened. I was calm. I was hopeful. And my prayers have been answered.

Do you know that faith is a verb? Give it a try. The Lord is there waiting for each of us, if only we ask and trust in His plan.

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I hope all is well. Faith is amazing and powerful. As the bible dictionary says
    "Faith is a principle of action and of power"

    Our stake leaders have been reminding us that faith = obedience, an action word on our part too.

  2. Absolutely - SO TRUE! I like to think of faith as a belief that is strong enough to motivate one to act. Everything we DO we do because we have faith that something will come of it. If a belief does not motivate action then it is of no use...

  3. Ah, Rebecca! That is so cool that the Bible Dictionary says that. The Spirit is amazing.

    I'm going through some "stuff," but not too bad. I'll come out fine. Just hanging in there. :-)

    Thanks for your kind comments, ladies!!!

  4. yes, I too know that Faith is a verb and when I don't do those things i know I should my faith and ability to trust and enjoy life is at a minimal and I am left to myself to do life and that is hard. Much easier with Faith and putting God first!

  5. Love your blog! Did you make all the cute buttons? Michelle at Mormon Women, I think, needs someone to make a button for the hope and healing for wives forum (wives of recovering porn addicts). --Emily [email protected]

  6. Hi Emily!

    The designer of my blog is Misty over at J & M Ranch ( She is a VERY talented lady and has designed many websites. I'm betting she might like to be part of such a great cause.

    Thanks for your comment! :-)

  7. Faith is the only thing that keeps me going on lots of days. I like the way you put it. Instead of just saying "remember Faith" to myself, I think I will now add that "faith is a verb."
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. yes indeed; faith is a verb. You really do need to test your faith and move forward with faith, hope and charity.
    Thanks for the thoughts today.


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