Thursday, February 23, 2012

Urgent Poll

Dear OFM readers,

Tomorrow I will be pitching the idea of an "Old-Fashioned Motherhood" book to a major publisher, and need to include some sample work in my Book Proposal. 

I'm sorry for the late notice, but I would really appreciate YOUR opinions on which OFM posts have helped or inspired you the most.

Thanks for any help you can offer!



  1. I like posts that help me feel that what I'm doing is the right thing to do. I also like posts that discuss traditional homemaking skills.

  2. I've enjoyed reading about how being a wife, mother and homemaker is a valid career choice; also how children are a blessing to us in developing character traits. All the best in your pitch to the publisher.

  3. I like the posts about how we can be better wives to our husbands, because I think it's a huge problem in our society and because we can all learn ways to do better in this area! I am also very encouraged by posts that shed a positive light on the sacrifices of motherhood - they remind me to quit whining and be happy while I work.

  4. I LOVE and Learn from ALL of you posts. You constantly remind me how important my role as a wife and mother are to not just my own family, but those around me and those to come. But I think the most meaningful lesson I learned was a post you did for your husbands birthday a year or so ago. You commented "He works hard to help the Lord provide for our family's needs." That comment totally saved us. That is a story I would share with you privately, but I think of that comment frequently. I think it may be from your other blog, thoughts from the hearth, but I wanted you to know how important it has been and is to me. You are AWESOME!!! Good Luck and keep taking it easy.
    [email protected]

  5. I enjoy every one of your posts! But to get specific, I am essentially with Rozy Lass. I adore the posts about motherhood and raising children. Though I am not yet married, I have found wisdom and solace in the things that you have said. Thank you, and many blessings as you go through the publishing process!! :)

  6. Well, goodness. That's a hard question. Your posts are all great. Just try to select a good cross section of tones and topics and you can't go wrong. Keep us posted.

  7. My favorite is Baby makes 13. It had a profound impact on me as I struggled to surrender my will to the will of the Father. I realized that if it is His will, I can have as many as He wants me to have, and not put my own limits on family size based on what is conventional. If I am listening to His direction, I can withstand yet another pregnancy and c-section. Miracles can and do happen. I have several living at my house.

    I also like the posts which talk about the sacrifices inherent in motherhood and marriage, in a positive light. When we make sacrifices in these areas, we are not oppressed, we are not oppressed as the world would have us believe. Yes, we do hard things, but there are blessing in such. Eternal blessings.

  8. THANK YOU, everyone. I really enjoyed reading your kids words. How grateful I am that we can help, support, and love each other on this fantastic journey called life.

    I feel really good about the pitch session. She told me that she wanted me to send her several things, and that she liked my ideas. She was a wonderful, kind lady! I felt so privileged to meet her.

    So now I will refine a few things and a write a few more things. I learned a lot about writing this weekend. Hopefully the things I write here in the future will be even more worth reading.

    Thanks again, lovely readers, for all your wonderful comments and support. :-)

    Much, MUCH love,

  9. Hello Stranger friend! The best posts are the ones where you are very specific. Like the one about treating your husband well and substituting the word wife, for husband. Excellent! But why? Because it was fresh and new and specific. It really illustrated your viewpoint. I would love for you to investigate further the idea of "faith is a verb" That intrigued me right away, but then it didn't really tell me anything. I know you mention that it's personal but if it's not embarrassingly personal, I think telling the truth about an experience learned is the most powerful. You have excellent writing skills, I hope you don't have a pesky voice in your head that tells you otherwise. And..maybe even better, I enjoyed your voice....and, my stranger's not preachy at all.
    Good luck in your efforts to get your book published!! I can't wait to see it in Deseret Book and I can say to my friends I knew her when.:)
    And good luck with your pregnancy. I will say a prayer for you.


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